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Secondary Physical Education

THE GOAL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION is to develop healthy, responsible students who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to work together in groups, think critically, and participate in a variety of activities that lead to a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Research tells us that students who are physically active for 60 minutes a day have higher self-confidence and more active synapses in the brain, experience a decrease in chronic illnesses, and are less likely to be absent from school. Such students are ready for career and college success. Time given to physical activity in school must not only be incorporated but be of the highest quality. The Physical Education Core utilizes appropriate instructional practices to develop competence and confidence in a variety of lifetime activities and movement forms, including sports, dance, outdoor recreation, and physical fitness. The emphasis is on providing success and enjoyment for all students. Knowledge of the relationship between proper nutrition and a consistent fitness regimen is the common thread running through the core. Students develop life skills through cooperative and competitive activity participation and learn the value of a physically active life. 

Utah State Core Standards and Resources

Teachers Equipment Exchange

If you have any equipment you are not using and want to transfer it to another school (equipment that does not have a blue fixed asset tags) please send Jane Harward a description and a count of items and your contact information. Jane will assist you in the transfer process. This may help us better utilize physical education equipment.