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Physical Fitness Assessment

Tri FitPre- and post-fitness assessments will be administered to students. These will mark a beginning point and assist in charting progress in all 5 areas of fitness for each student. The fitness areas and benchmarks are listed below:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness - 1.5 mile run, or 1 mile run, or pacer test (fitnessgram)
  • Muscular Strength - Bicep strength (Tri Fit)
  • Muscular Endurance - Curl ups
  • Flexibility - Sit and Reach (Tri Fit)
  • Body Composition - % body fat and LBM (lean body mass). This test is optional (Tri Fit)

Heart Rate Monitors
Polar E600

Jordan School District has incorporated the use of heart rate monitors into the P.E. program. Listed below are just some of the benefits derived from using monitors:

  • Immediate feedback of intensity level
  • Student self-assessment
  • Tracking progress as fitness goals are achieved
  • Students work at their personal fitness levels rather than competing with others in class

We suggest that students purchase an elastic strap to use in P.E. with the monitors. It is more efficient for them to have their own and adjust it to fit them rather than use straps other students have used. It is also more sanitary. Students are graded on being prepared, using monitors correctly, putting them away properly, and also on their personal efforts reflected by monitor downloads.